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(Crestwood, IL) - Inserco Mfg., inc. manufactures high performance, production rated mail inserters under the brand name Mailcrafters and their production rated high performance mail-openers and mail-extractors under the brand name Ultra Systems.

FoldIt 7.0TM
A new high performance, moderately priced, friction-feed, sheet folder designed and engineered by Inscerco may be added to inserting machines with minimum interface requirements. Using only one inserting station or added to an open-feed extension, it provides the user with compact, quick on-line folding capability. The FoldIt 7.0TM operating at a cycle speed in excess of 7,000 sheets per hour provides simplicity, economy and production quality to the lower to mid-volume market. It is ideal for controlling complicated sorting applications. Easy top-loading access assures correct document sequence integrity. Fold styles produced are trifold, fan fold, and single fold.

(MailCom Atlantic City N.J.) - Inscerco introduced The first High Capacity envelope feeder for their Mailcrafters 9800 inserter product line. Offered as an option the conveyor fed, envelope feed hopper holds about 1500 envelopes. This significantly reduces the operators' need to tend the feed hopper and improves overall operator productivity. Mailcrafters High Capacity Envelope Feeder adjusts automatically to the length of the envelope as the front envelope table adjustment is made during set-up. A remote adjustment knob makes fine adjustment to the envelope separator screw accessible and easy to accomplish. A kit is being offered to modify any older model 9800 or 9800L. Inscerco expects to soon be filling special orders for High Capacity Inserter Envelope Feeder retrofit kits to integrate onto most other manufactured brands of inserters.

(MailCom Atlantic City N.J.) - UltraSystems offers improved mail-opening systems. The MILLY 2.0, low to mid-volume mail opener, now comes on it's own compact roll-around stand. This new, standard feature provides a great work platform for the operator wherever it is needed. Little attention is necessary to the removed envelope chad due to the convenient higher volume built-in trash receptacle. The Single Cut 100 high volume envelope opener has been enhanced with an integrated wide deck to support overnight envelopes and large flat envelopes. Opening thicker envelopes is now easier with the enhanced Single Cut 100's new wide envelope throat. Envelopes up to 1/2" thick are now managed through the re-engineered, integrated trasnport mill cutter system. An opened envelope with a soft feathered edge is the result, making the job of opening and removing the contents easy and risk free from envvelope paper cuts.

The PROMAILER 6.0TM from Inscerco Mfg., Inc.
Inscerco's new line of gripper-arm style 2 and 4 station office inserters offer simplicity, economy and production quality to the lower volume market. Traditionally the target of tabletop machine manufacturers the low to mid-volume application company now has a choice. This full frame, small footprint inserter includes features generally associated only with heavy-duty production shop models yet it is very competitively priced. The PROMAILER 6.0TM has Auto-set detection, PLC Controls with self-diagnostic components, a Color Operator Interface touch screen controller monitor, and sequential startup and shut down. Options available are: System Interface, Book Feed Station, Batch Counting, Envelope Detection (in track), Insert Detection (in track), Density Audit, Open Feed Station, and Ink Jet.

(Crestwood, IL and Buffalo Grove, IL) - ULTRASYSTEMS AND AQUBANC BUILD ON TRAQFORMTM SUCCESSES FOR FORMS PROCESSING. Ultra Systems, a division of Inscerco Mfg., Inc. of Crestwood, IL, a leader in providing mail openers and extractors and Aqubanc, LLC of Buffalo Grove, IL, a leading provider of Advanced Automated Payment, Check and Form Processing Solutions are building upon their payment/exception processing successes by expanding TraqFORMTM int the form processing market. TraqFORMTM is a product which can be sold by the Ultra Systems' dealer network, adds value to the Milly openers and Tri-Fold extractors, improves the exception process, is self-contained, and does it affordably with accuracy. TraqFORMTM is simple, it can be used next to any of the openers/extractors, or, directly with the single or dual-station Tri-Fold extractors. This gives every customer the ultimate choice for optimal mail opening and extraction of forms, checks, remittance coupons or almost any else that can be stuffed into an envelope. After the envelope contents are extracted, sorting with TraqFORMTM is fast and easy for everyone. With support from Aqubanc, TraqFORMTM enables customers with forms and image processing needs to reap the same mail opening and extraction benefits. The convergence of efficient mail opening, form, image and payment/exception processing has resulted in solutions perfectly tailored to processing low to mid volume retail, wholetail, exception and wholesale lockbox applications and now forms processing.

Inscerco Mfg., Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures Mailcrafters quality production rated mail inserters and related inbound and outbound mail processing equipment at the Crestwood, IL factory. Sales are handled through an International, independent dealer network.